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Digital Switchover Plan of NTV

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Digital Switchover Plan of NTV

The history of Television Broadcasting commences more than five decades ago. The technology of Television Broadcasting is rapidly changing with time. In the last decade, there is significant development in the field of digital technology and Information Communication Technology (ICT) has been the dominating technology merging with Telecommunication and Broadcast Technology. There is also significant role of Internet Protocol (IP) network based systems in any of the modern communication technologies for traditional telecommunication system, cellular communication system and ICT. So, there is no any alternate except bringing to ICT with broadcasting and Telecommunication.
ITU-T has determined the deadline for analog switch off in the field of Broadcasting by 2017. Since Nepal Television a leading Television Broadcasting Organization of the country and only state owned Television Broadcasting organization should have the biggest responsibility to proceed towards the completion of the mission by the deadline. In this regard, Nepal Television needs rigid and practical planning to achieve the goal.
Nepal Television should be successful to implement the target by the deadline. However, switching over digital system from existing analog and hybrid system is not an over-night job. It has the following points to be considered to proceed towards digitization and complete the mission in the stipulated time period:
1. Standardization: The most important point to be considered before proceeding towards the target is determination of the Standardization of the Digital Television Broadcasting System including terrestrial and hand-held systems. Nepal is not technically independent so that it has to select the most suitable standard for Digital Television System for the context of our country. The prevailing digital Television Standards of Japan, China, European Region and American regions are different. So, it is an intelligent job to select the best standard which will be beneficial for our country in the long run.

2. Spectrum Management: Spectrum management plays the vital role to start up towards the digitization of Television Broadcasting System especially terrestrial Television System. It needs very intelligent management of spectrum including Single Frequency Network (SFN) and Multi Frequency Network (MFN). While managing the spectrum, government should give the priority for the state owned Television Organization.

3. Budget: Essential budget needs to be significantly allocated to complete the task which is almost next five years plan. The budget should be broken down in according to the annual plan. The annual plan must be fixed, implacable and rigid so that the overall mission could be completed in the stipulated period of time. The budget should be planned with proper way so that that will be just enough to complete the task.

4. Man Power: Nepal Television has the longest history in the field of Television Broadcasting and it has experienced man power for the existing system. However, Nepal Television has to upgrade its man power for the upcoming complete digital technology. Nepal Television has to develop human resource for the latest technology with proper training and by recruiting right people in the future. So, Human Resource Management of NTV must plan to develop its man power to succeed the complete digital change over for its planning, operation and maintenance.

5. Set-up Box Management: Once the terrestrial system goes to digital migration, the television receiving system changes. Every household needs a set-up box which costs a significant amount for the people of low economic condition. So, the policy must be determined whether the set-top box is to be provided by government free of cost or with subsidized rate or the people have to buy themselves. There are some countries like Korea where the government has provided the set-top box free of cost and in subsidized rate depending on the economy of the people.

6. Technical Planning: The technical planning has been listed as below:

Recent Requirements:
(a) Discussion on the subject in different levels with government authorities about technical, financial and policies to complete mission.
(b) Fixing the Standardization.
(c) Spectrum management
(d) Experiencing the Pilot Project of Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting.
(e) Convincing the government authorities for required Budget.

Technical Upgrade to complete the digital switch over by 2017 (with Budget):
Year 2013
Transmitter Upgrading Studio Upgrading Digital Automation
Experiencing Pilot Project of Digital Terrestrial Transmission of Singh durbar.
Budget: US$115,000 80m2-A studio Digital Upgrade.

Budget: US$250,000 To complete implementation for Ingest-4 ports, Storage-32 TB online and Playout 1+1 for two channels.
Budget: US$325,000
Planning to establish simulcast digital Transmitters in Phulchowki, Pokhara, Jaleshwor and Namjay.
Budget: US$460,000 - -
Year 2014
Planning to establish simulcast digital Transmitters in Budhitola, Gorkha, Gulmi, Daunne and Palpa.
Budget: US$575,000
80m2-B studio Digital Upgrade.

Budget: US$250,000 Adding 2 channels for Ingest and storage up to 16-32 GB more

Budget: US$ 60,000
Transmitter Upgrading Studio Upgrading Digital Automation
- - Media management System with online or near line.
Budget: US$150,000
- - Conversion into full automation.
Budget: US$150,000
Year 2015
Planning to establish digital simulcast Transmitters in Hetauda, Doti, Dang and Rolpa.
Budget: US$460,000 300m2 studio Digital Upgrade.

Budget: US$300,000 News Room Computer System (NRCS) for complete digital news solution.
Budget: US$100,000
- - Providing license to news computers.
Budget: included above)
Year 2016
Planning to establish simulcast Transmitters in Kakani, Tehrathum, Chamere and Ilam.
Budget: US$575,000 120m2 studio Digital Upgrade and MCR analog Routers replacement.
For 120m2 studio: US$ 300,000
For MCR: US$ 100,000 Review of the system. Developing man power.

Budget: Included above
Sub Total: US$ 21,85,000 Sub Total: US$ 12,00,000 Sub Total: US$ 785,000
Year 2017
Review of the system used, evaluation and ready to declare digital switch over and analog switch off.
Additional up gradation required by the time:
1. ENG, EFP : US$ 100,000
2. Power System, Air Condition, Telephone, MIS: US$ 200,000
3. OBVAN Upgrading (News + Program Production): US$ 50,000
4. DSNG KU/C Band DVB-S2 Uplink Upgrading: US$ 300,000
Total: US$ 650,000
Grand Total: US$ 48,20,000