Name:                          Chinta Mani Baral

Gender:                       Male

Father’s Name:            Mr. Khageshor Baral

Date of Birth:              3rd August, 1971

Marital Status:             Married (With Spouse and two sons)

Permanent Address:    Gwadi-9, Gulmi

Lumbini Zone, Nepal



Academic Qualification:

S.N. Name of Exam University/Board Passed Year
1. S.L.C Nepal Board 1987
2. I.Sc. Tribhuvan University, Nepal 1989
3. B.Sc. (First) Tribhuvan University, Nepal 1991
4. B.E. (Electronics and Communication) Panjab University, India 1992-1996
5. M.Sc. (Information Technology) Alagappa University, India 2003-2005


Language Skill:

  1. Nepali: Mother Tone (can Read, Write and Speak Fluently)
  2. English: Educational Medium Language (Can Read, Write and Speak Fluently)
  3. Hindi: Neighbour Country Language. (National Language of India) (Can Read, Write and Speak Fluently)


Computer Operational Skill:

  1. I have fully confidence on Windows Operating Systems.
  2. I can operate Microsoft Office ( MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Access, Front page)


  1. I can operate Photoshop and Adobe Premiere (Video Editing Software) and other Windows Applications.
  2. I can operate all multimedia related Applications.
  3. I have full confidence to work with multimedia environment.


Computer Programming Language Skill:

  1. BASIC, C, C++, Visual Basic, Visual C++
  2. Internet Programming (HTML), JAVA and JavaScript


International Trainings:

  1. I got training on Satellite TV Broadcasting System in Bangalore, India when Nepal Television was first Uplinked to Intel Sat-704 from 2nd April to 21st April, 2001.


  1. I have training on Digital Television Broadcasting held in Kathmandu from 13th to 17th May, 2002 organized by AIBD.


3.  I have participated in the CNN-South Asia In-Country Workshop on 24th to 25th June held in New Delhi, India.

4.  I have participated in Television Engineering Course of Asian Broadcasters Seminar conducted by NHK in Tokyo, Japan from 14th October 2002 to 3rd November 2002.

5.  I have participated in Mobile Broadcasting Technology Seminar held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2004.

6.  I have participated in the Seminar of Administrative Officials of Broadcasting Stations held in Beijing China in 2005.

7.  I have participated in ABU-UNESCO (IPDC) Workshop on Low Cost Digital Television Studio Facilities from 3rd to 14th July 2006 at Colombo, Sri Lanka.

8.  I have participated in Linux for Network Servers in Broadcasting Stations organized by AIBD from 26th February to 9th March 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

9.  I have participated in Senior Engineering Management Training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in July 2008.

10.  I have participated in the training of News Room Management organized by CFI and Nepal Television in Kathmandu in January 2010.

11. I have participated in the training organized by the United States Telecommunication Training Institute (USTTI) in the courses of Radio and TV Studio Design, Operation and Management and Broadcast Transmitter Operation and Maintenance during 6th July 2010 to 6th August 2010 in United States of America.

12.  I have participated in DVB-T(Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial) training organized by Electronika Group of Italy held in Bari (Italy) in September-2010.

13.  I have participated Digital Switchover Seminar in People’s Republic of South Korea in May, 2011.

Work Experience in TV Broadcasting:

I joined Nepal Television in 1996 and I have been working in this organization in the following sectors:

  1. From 1996-2000: I worked as an Studio Engineer and looked after Studio Equipment, Live TV Broadcasting, Program Recording and Studio Operation.
  2. From 2001-2002: I worked on Satellite Broadcasting System and Earth Station.
  3. 2003-2005: I worked as a Technical In Charge of newly introduced Nepal Television Channel called Metro Channel which was established on assistance of Chinese Govt.


Other Experiences:

  1. 2006-2008: I worked as Chief of General Engineering Section which includes the following:

(a)    IT (Information Technology)

(b)   General Computers and all Non Linear System

(c)    Electrical works and Generators

(d)   Air Condition System

(e)    Civil Constructions

(f)    Office Telephony and EPABX

(g)   IPTV, SMS, NTV Web Site, Character Generators

(h)   Office LAN

(i) I have fully professionalism in Computer Hardware Repair and Maintenance and use of many professional applications.

  1. I was leading to use Internet System for Data Connectivity (for Video Collection) from several parts of the country to Kathmandu at the time of historic Constituent Assembly Election.


  1. Similarly I worked with Optical Fiber System for Live Telecast from several parts of Kathmandu valley at the time of Constituent Assembly Election.


  1. I used ImmerSat Technology BIGAN (Broadband Internet Global Area Network) to make live Telecast from Mount Everest when the Reporter of NTV was climbing to Mount Everest.


  1. I worked as Chief of Studio Maintenance and Transmission of both channels (NTV and NTV2) of Nepal Television Corporation. I look after all the daily activities of Transmission of both channels. It includes:


(a)    Studio Design and Planning

(b)   Non Linear Editing and Video Server System.

(c)    Live Telecast of the programs

(d)   MCR and Satellite System

  1. Apart from this, took the responsibility on Intranet connection for Live Video streaming from different locations of the country to Kathmandu in co-operation with Nepal Telecom while I was chief of Studio Section.


10.  Then I worked as the chief of Transmitter Maintenance and Transmission Center Section where I have the responsibility of the following activities:

(a)    Transmitter Maintenance

(b)   Satellite System and Earth Station

(c)    Out Door Broadcasting System

(d)   Optical Fiber Links

(e)    Civil Constructions

(f)    Expansion of Terrestrial Transmission.

11. Now I am working as Chief Enigneer of Nepal Television Corporation.

My current responsibilities:

(a) Transmitters Operation & Maintenance

(b) Managing Transmission Stations

(c) O.B. Van Operation, Maintenance and Management

(d) Earth Station Operation, Maintenance and Management

(e) Civil Constructions Management

(f) Power Supply, Generators and UPS Operations and Management.

(g) Optical Fiber Network Management and Operation.

Teaching and Training Management Experience:

I have been teaching in different levels (School, Higher Secondary, Bachelors and Masters levels) since last 14 years.

  1. I have been working as Part Time Lecturer in Electronic and Computer Subjects in different Engineering and IT (Information Technology) Colleges of Kathmandu.


(a)    I have three years of Teaching Experience in Star Engineering College in Electronics and Computer related Subjects. (Part Time Guest Lecturer)

(b) I have seven years of teaching experience in Lord Buddha Education Foundation on Telecommunication and IT related subjects (Satellite Communication, Broadband Communication, Computer Network, Voice-Over Internet Protocol, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Communication, Digital Communication, Remote Communication, Optical Fiber, LOS Broadcasting, Multimedia Technology etc) for both Bachelors and Masters Levels.

(Morning and Evening Shift)

© I have two years teaching experience for Masters level Students in Nepal College of Information Technology in Kathmandu on Data Communication and Computer Network and Electronics Commerce. (Guest Lecturer)

2. I have provided training to High Ranking Officials of Nepal Television for Computer Literacy.

3. I had given training to Non Linear Video Editors of Nepal Television on Video Editing Technology.

4. I had managed all technical arrangement for ABU program in Kathmandu for IPTV and Internet Broadcasting Technology.

5. I had managed all technical arrangement for AIBD program in on Advance Video Server System.

6. I had given training on Terrestrial and Satellite Broadcasting to Technicians of Nepal Police at Police Headquarter, Naxal in Kathmandu.

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